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Historical Location Tracking
Posted by Bryce Ahler on 05 June 2014 10:52 AM


Historical Location Tracking


   Historical Location Tracking is an additional feature that allows an administrator the capability of reviewing the past location data from ESChat devices within their Enterprise.  Through the management portal, the location information can be viewed graphically or downloaded to a spreadsheet.

**** During periods of network loss the clients will store up to 2 hours of location tracking samples using the last known good location as that sample.****


   This a paid upgrade available at $3.00 / month per client tracked above the standard client price.

 This subscription includes:

- 6 months of data storage

- enhanced location information (includes direction, speed, and location (lat,long) per track point)

- Tracking data available is Excel format for download


To enable this option:

- Contact billing and/or support to add the service to your account (this is where you will be granted the licenses for historical location).

- edit the feature key per phone that you want to track.

Here is an an image of the feature key screen:

enable tracking


Here is an example of the Excel spreadsheet :

Excel list


Here is an example of the location history viewed within the Admin Portal:



When viewing the Excel spreadsheet each waypoint's location has a map-able link.

Here is what the location link looks like:



sample map

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