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Talker Override vs. Priority
Posted by Bryce Ahler on 01 July 2014 03:17 PM


The ESChat system provides a Call Priority Override feature that allows higher priority users and groups to interrupt ongoing calls of lower priority users.


The priority of a call is determined by taking the higher of  either:


  1. the initiating user priority
  2. groups priority.


When determining whether to override a call, the ESChat system compares the priority of the ongoing call(s) with the newly started call.  

Users in a lower priority ongoing call are removed from that call and placed in the newly started, higher priority, call.



Priority can be assigned to a user and/or a group.  Priority is variable from 0 (lowest) to 5 (highest). 

Priority is applied when creating an chat.

If the initiator has a higher priority than the recipient , and the recipient is in an ongoing chat (adhoc or group), the recipient will be pulled out of the chat into an adhoc with the initiator.

Similarly when a group chat is begun and it has a higher priority than its individual members, any member in an ongoing chat will be pulled into the higher priority group.

The original chat will be closed and need to be recreated after the priority chat is done.


While in a group chat talker override allows members with this option to take the floor from a speaker (providing the speaker does not have talker override as well).

If the current speaker has talker override, then the floor cannot be taken from them.  Talker override is separate from priority.


Setting Talker Override

Talker override is set when adding a member to a group or can be edited from the group member tab.


From the group member tab you can see which members have this option enabled:


Setting Priority

To set priority on a user

From the user tab , select the user to modify and click the Edit tab:

The Bulk Edit Users menu will open, adjust the priority and click submit:

On the user tab you can see the priority of each user here:


From the Group tab priority is also displayed:


When creating a group priority can be set or you can edit a group to adjust priority:



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