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BuddyMic 7G setup
Posted by Bryce Ahler on 03 October 2014 03:10 PM

Buddy Microphones: DesktopMic  7G 

The Buddy DesktopMic 7G is a highly customizable, multi-function, professional-quality USB microphone.

  Buddy DesktopMic 7G includes a noise-canceling microphone element for pure audio and the performance is equal to headsets.

  The Push-to-Talk button means the microphone only hears when you want it to hear.


In order to use this microphone with the ESChat dispatch client follow the steps below:


     1. Go to

         Download and Install “DotNet” version of My Buddy Mic Software
     2. Open the My Buddy Mic software:
     3. Plug the Buddy Mic into the USB Port and select the "Device Configuration" tab. Click the Red PTT button on the virtual Buddy Mic shown on the screen.  Remove all events by highlighting then select the "X".
    4. Add a new event by clicking the "+".  Create a "Press" event with action "Keyboard", and a "release" event with the action "Keyboard".
      5. For both the "Press" and "Release" events, select "Spacebar" as the Key:
        6.   Add a new event by clicking the "+".  Create a "Press" event with action "Volume" and set to "unMute", and a "Release" event with the action "Volume" and set to "Mute":
  7. The Buddy Mic has 2 LED lights, 1 on either side of the PTT button.  It is recommended that uses turn off the Left side LED, and configure the Right side LED to Solid Red while transmititng.  
      To do this , click on the "+" and select "Press" and "LED".  From the sub-menu,  select "Left RGB Light (7 colors)" and "Off" as the LED Action.
       Repeat the process for the right LED light, selecting " Right RGB Light (7 colors)", "Red" as the LED Action and "0" for Blink Rate. 
  8. The actions in the list happen in sequnetial order, so before saving the configuration, use the  to put the events in the order shown below:
Save the configuration by clicking "Save actions":
       9. Configure within ESChat
          Select ESChat -> Options
          Select “Audio Configuration”
          Select Buddy Mic from the “Input Select” List 
Congratulations! Your BuddyMic is now ready to use with ESChat!
For any questions or assistance with this process please contact support  Here
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