Android Specific Settings for DellKing Wandfu H2 & H3
Posted by Bryce Ahler on 06 November 2015 02:01 PM



The new version of ESChat now has an "Event" headset option for using the DellKing Wandfu bluetooth speaker/mic. 

The Bluetooth with PTT option has been reconfigured to work with the Wandfu as well.  The difference is device specific , as such here is a list of tested devices and the correct mode for use.


Device Headset Mode for DellKing H2 & H3
Kyocera Hydrowave Event
LG G3 Event
Samsung note Bluetooth with PTT
Samsung Galaxy S3 Bluetooth with PTT
Samsung Galaxy S4 Bluetooth with PTT
Samsung Galaxy S6 Event
Samsung Tab 2 Bluetooth with PTT
Casio Commando 4G Bluetooth with PTT


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