Client Activation Error Codes
Posted by Bryce Ahler on 13 November 2015 09:40 AM


 This list of common codes may help diagnose activation problems or operational issues. 

Client Activation Error Codes
Error Code Description Possible Resolution
0 = AUTH FAILURE   User authentication has failed. Check and clear Public Key
1 = SERVER BUSY   Server is busy. Try again later.
2 = SOFTWARE INVALID   The currently running software is invalid i.e. it is most likely it is too old to  run on the current system. Prompt user to update to the current release.
3 = NETWORK TIMEOUT   The current network operation timed out. Try again later.
4 = NETWORK FAILURE   The network has failed for some reason.  
5 = FILESYSTEM FULL   The filesystem is full and list data could not be saved.  
8 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE BUSY   An error occurred during config updating (or provisioning) due to the HTTP  subsystem being busy either running another transaction, or not being able  to get a HTTP socket from the system.  
9 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE TIMEOUT   An error occurred during config updating or provisioning due to a socket  timeout. i.e. we could not contact the server .  
10 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE NO DATA   An error occurred during config updating or provisioning due to the server  sending back no data. e.g. the user was not provisioned.  
11 = STARTUP FAILURE   An error occurred during startup.  
12 = UPDATE SERVICE STATE FAILURE   An error occurred updating the DnD state.  
13 = UPDATE PRESENCE FAILURE   An error occurred updating presence.  
14 = GET GROUP MEMBER PRESENCE FAILURE   An error occurred getting group member presence.  
15 = ORIGINATE ADHOC CALL FAILURE   An error occurred originating an adhoc call.  
16 = ORIGINATE GROUP CALL FAILURE   An error occurred originating a group call.  
18 = FATAL ERROR   A fatal error has occurred and the core is no longer running.  
19 = NETWORK OFFLINE   The network is offline and cannot complete the desired operation.  
20 = UNTRUSTED   The handset public key is untrusted by the network.  
21 = KEY AGREE FAILED   The key agreement process failed.  
22 = VP REQUIRED   Voice privacy is required and the handset does not support it.  
23 = SECURITY ERROR   A security error occurred.  
24 = MESSAGING FAILURE   A messaging transaction failed.  
26 = SERVER AUTH FAILURE   The server failed to authenticate with the handset.  
28 = ANSWER CALL FAILURE   The core failed to accept the incoming alert call.  
29 = SET CONTACT DND FAILURE   The contact DnD could not be set.  
30 = SET GROUP DND FAILURE   The group DnD could not be set.  
31 = SERVER UNTRUSTED   The server is not trusted by the client.  
33 = OPERATION NOT ALLOWED   The requested operation is not allowed.  
34 = LOCATION MANAGEMENT FAILURE   An error occurred with the location manager.  
35 = MAX CALL LIMIT   A new call could not be started because the max call limit was reached.  
36 = CALL INVALID   The call object is invalid.  
37 = LIST SYNC FAILURE   An error occurred with the list syncer.  
38 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE INTERNAL   An error occurred during config updating or provisioning due to an internal  server error.  
39 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE DEVICE NOT FOUND   The device not being found in the system.  
40 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE DEVICE NOT TRUSTED   The device not being trusted by the system.  
41 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE PUBLIC KEY REQUIRED   No public key being sent and it is required on this system.  
42 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE PUBLIC KEY MISMATCH   A mismatch between the public key sent and the one in the system  
43 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE ACCESS TOKEN REQUIRED   An access token being required but not provided.  
44 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE ACCESS TOKEN INVALID   An invalid access token being provided.  
45 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE USER NOT FOUND   The user cannot be found.  
47 = PROCESSING DELAY EXCEEDED   A core event took too long to process. Too many of these within a time  period mean app performance is suffering.   Prompt user to reboot phone.
48 = SERVER TOO OLD    The server is too old to support this client. Specifically either the main  protocol or one of its sub-protocols is not at the required minimum defined  in this client.  User authentication has failed. 
49 = FEATURE NOT SUPPORTED    The client attempted to use a feature that is not supported on the server  the client is connected to.  
50 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE SECURITY  A security violation occurred while executing the transaction.  
51 = CONFIG UPDATE HANDSHAKE  An SSL handshake failure occurred.  The most common reason this happens is that there is an SSL proxy/interceptor in the path and the certificate that is not available to the app.  May also be a misconfiguration in the server.   
52 = CONFIG UPDATE FAILURE GENERAL  A general failure occurred during a config update that is not covered by one of the other config update error codes listed above.  



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