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Android Contacts Tab
Posted by Judy King on 24 January 2013 02:16 PM

Contacts Tab

Contacts represent the individuals or entities that you can communicate with directly in ESChat. When you first enter the Contacts tab, depending on how your account was configured, you may or may not have a list of predefined contacts.

Contact Tab


Establish a Call

Use the large Push to Talk button to establish an Ad Hoc call. Ad Hoc calls are established from the Contacts list. These are instant calls that can be 1 to 1, or group calls. To initiate a call, select one or more names on the contact list, then click the Push to Talk button. For example, in the image above, the user has chosen two contacts to call, A.Crozier and jking.ipad when the Push to Talk button is clicked. ESChat will attempt to start a call with those contact(s). Calls can also be started from within the Groups Tab or the Map Tab.

In the above example, the resulting call screen will show the members of the call. See the image below). The icon will change to indicate who has the floor (who is currently talking).

Contact in Call

When you wish to end your call, click the Android back button, and you will return to the contact screen.

Contact Presence

Each contact has an associated presence represented by the colored circle to the left of their name. The colors represent the contacts' current state in ESChat. Presence is updated every five minutes. To force an immediate update, click the refresh button, and all contacts presence states will be updated. The presence definitions are:

Contact Presence

Find Contact

You can add users to the Contact list by clicking the Android Menu Button, and then choosing Find Contact. In the resulting screen (see image below), You can type a name, partial name, email or phone number into the text box before clicking Search. ESChat will return all users in your department that contain the text or phone number that you entered. Click any of the resulting names to add them to your Contact List.

Find Contact

Contact Options

There are several options available for each contact, including listing more contact information, adding the contact to a group, and removing a contact. To find out more about Contact Options and how to use them, click here.

Options not related to Existing Contact

There are several options that are not related to existing Contacts. To access these options, click on the Android Menu button while in the Contact Screen. You can pick from the following options:

  • Find Contact: Described above, Find Contact allows you to look up and add contacts to your device.

  • About: Invoke the About view which contains ESChat account and product information. For more information concerning the About screen, click here.

  • Settings: Allows you to view and modify your ESChat settings. For more information about the Settings screen, click here.

  • Quit: Stop the ESChat application. This will cause you to no longer receive incoming ESChat calls, and is not recommended. For more information about the Quit option, click here.

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