Support to Engineering issue minimum information
Posted by Pete Cabral on 07 November 2016 11:31 AM

Follow this procedure to transition an issue from Support to Engineering with at least the minimum information:

  1. Attempt to resolve the issue, such as following the General Troubleshooting or other procedures.
  2. If unable, then file a support ticket containing at least the following information and assign to Engineering for help:
    1. Customer name.
    2. ESChat User name.
    3. ESChat client type and version.
    4. The client platform (device) and environment (network/mobility/etc.).
    5. Detailed description of the issue, such as time frame.
    6. Relevant client, or other, log files with appropriate "Client Debug Filter" configuration.
    7. Relevant portal infromation, such as phone logs or info from the portal.

Reference the Support Procedure document for details.



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