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SPIREC Recordings
Posted by Bryce Ahler on 16 February 2017 05:39 PM


**Note: a stand-alone hosted server instance is required to take advantage of this feature.**

ESChat offers the option to integrate with Eventide Nexlog (with MediaWorks Plus) recording systems. 

Two solutions are available, Hardware or Cloud based recording. Both use the same User Interface (MediaWorksPlus) shown below.

For customer who desire to record all chat sessions,  rather than just the dispatch client traffic (inherent to the PC client as an RTP stream), then SIPREC is the solution.

SIPREC will capture, label, save and allow for recall all calls made or received by all users.  


Here is an example of the MediaWorksPlus interface.



Eventide’s Nexlog hardware, which runs on the MediaWorks Plus software, can be configured per customer needs to include POTS, VoIP, SIP, and RTP inputs. 

The MediaWorksPlus Software quickly catalogs, tags and saves calls for easy locating and playback.  Each call is broken down to show the following metadata points (cataloged by these):


Eventide Hosted Recording for ESChat PTT

Eventide can support recording ESChat subscriber calls with an Eventide virtual recording appliance. The ESChat server will deliver SIPREC protocol to the virtual recording appliance for each unique subscriber configured for recording. The virtual appliance will record and store the audio, along with any meta data provided by ESChat, for each call, using virtual storage resources.

Virtual Recording Model:

Each unique agency will start with a virtual appliance that includes an initial ESChat subscriber limit and replay client limit and initial time based storage limit. The number of subscribers, replay clients and storage time limit can be expanded along with customer requirements.


For more information on the Eventide Nexlog system ,click Here

For pricing please contact Sales @ 844-437-2428

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