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Posted by Joshua Schaad on 08 May 2017 03:22 PM

Adding a Single User to a Department

You can add Users to a department one at a time by clicking the Add button at the top of the list.  You can add multiple Users at once using the Bulk Add Feature, which is described in another article.  Click here to view this article.

After clicking the Add button, you can enter details in the resulting “Add User” Box.  The fields are as follows:

User Login:  Unique user name that will be seen by other devices in the Enterprise.  Must consist of letters, numbers and “.”s, and be 3-16 characters long.  Example formats are John.Smith or Bus.57.  

Department: When an enterprise has multiple departments, select the correct department from the drop down list.  For more information about contacts across departments see Associations in section 6 below.

First Name:  User’s first name must be at least one character. This field must contain letters or numbers.

Last Name:  User’s last name must be at least three characters long. This field must contain letters or numbers.

Phone number:  You can choose the country by clicking the flag pulldown, or the portal will deduce the country based on the input country code.

Email Address: A valid email address is optional.  An Email can be used in addition to, or instead of a phone number for delivery of activation information to the device.

Trusted: NOT RECOMMENDED. Leave grey (un-pressed).

Activation Code: There are three ways that an Activation Code is defined.

  1. Automatic: This is used for smartphones, tablets, and dispatch clients.  The system will automatically generate a unique activation code and send an activation message to the configured valid phone number and/or email address.

  2. Manual:  NOT RECOMMENDED.  Used only for a BREW device if you know the pESN (8 digit hexadecimal number), which can then be entered directly into the resulting Activation Code field.

  3. MEID:  Used for BREW (Feature Phones) devices only.   After you choose BREW as the type of device, enter the MEID into the resulting Activation Code field.  A MEID is 14 digits long, starting with an “A” (ex. A100001695CE3D) or "99000" (ex. 99000611999288).

Wireless Carrier:  The device’s wireless carrier. This is required to deliver the activation text message to an Android or iOS cellular device.  Leave this as "None" for a BREW (feature phone) phone, since it does not use this activation method.

Priority:  User Priority can be set to value between 0 (lowest) and 5 (highest).  The most significant reason to change this value is to give higher level Users the ability to interrupt ESChat conversations between lower priority Users.   An example might be for a bus company to set the drivers at “0” priority, dispatchers at “3”, and the owner at “5”.  That way, the dispatcher has priority over the drivers but the owner, with the highest priority, has the ability to interrupt any lower level ESChat communication.
Note: See talker priority in the article Adding/Removing Users in a Group, by clicking here.

Client Type:  A drop down list of Client Type options.  If you do not know, choose Unknown.  

Maximal Contacts:  With Maximal Contacts off, this User will have no ESChat contacts at initialization.  When Maximal Contacts is selected, the new User will have all department members as ESChat contacts and the new User will be inserted into all of the other department members’ contact lists.

When finished, Click Submit to create the account and send an activation text/email to the user’s device.

Below is an example of a new BREW (feature phone) User:


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