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Android Contact Options
Posted by Judy King on 24 January 2013 02:20 PM

Contact Options

There are options available for every contact. To access the options, click and hold one or more contact names. A menu will appear with all Contact Options (see image below).

Contact Options

The following Options are supported:


  • Contact Info

    The Contact's full name and phone number, if available.

  • Send Message

    Create and send an ESChat message to the Contact(s). For more information on ESChat messages, click here.

  • Phone Call

    If the contact's phone number has been configured, clicking this button will initiate a regular phone call to the number.

  • Show on Map

    To view the location of the contact(s) on the Map, select the Show on Map field. It will bring up the map tab. If the Contact(s) are reachable and reporting location, a presence circle will indicate the locations of the contact(s). To find out more about ESChat map capabilities, click here.

  • Create Group

    Add the chosen contact(s) to a group. When selected, enter a group name in the text box. Every group must have a name and a group type. A Personal Group type will be created on your device only. A Member group type creates that group on all group members' devices. The other group members may initiate calls to the group but may not modify that group. For more information on Group Types, click here.

  • Add to Group

    Add the user(s) to an existing group. When chosen, a list of available groups is shown. Pick one, and ESChat will add the contact(s) to the indicated list. ESChat will popup an error If you do not have permissions to add users to the chosen group.

  • Remove: Remove the contact(s) from your device.

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