Update Rogers XP7 to ESChat
Posted by Joshua Schaad on 05 September 2017 04:39 PM


There are a few simple steps that must be completed before updating Rogers XP7’s to the new ESChat v21.2.1177.


Step 1: Disable Nova Talk

Go to the device Settings Menu.



Under the Device Settings, select Apps, then scroll down to Nova Talk.


Select Disable, and then OK.


The Nova Talk icon is now removed from the home page.


Step 2: Downloading ESChat From the Play Store

Navigate to the Play Store and search for ESChat.


Select Install, and accept the application’s Permission settings.


When ESChat has finished installation, you will receive the following message screen.


Step 3: Activate ESChat

Once installed, contact ESChat support to resend an activation message to this device.  Support will clear the encryption key associated with your individual User Login and resend the Activation Message to the device.  You may now use this Activation message link to automatically sign into the application, or manually enter the 10 letter activation code on the Activate screen.


 For further assistance, please contact ESChat Support

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