Emergency Call
Posted by Bryce Ahler on 28 February 2018 04:51 PM

ESChat now offers an emergency call option.  This urgent call has an insistent visual flashing signal and requires the recipients to acknowledge the call.  To make an emergency call, you must first designate an existing group as your emergency group and then modify each user’s settings so that their devices reflect that they may make an emergency call. This article shows how the emergency group is configured in the admin portal and then how a user will see it on the individual device. 


First, select the user.



From the settings tab, select Edit Client Settings.

Select the emergency tab.

From the drop down menu, designate the group.  Our example here is for a group called “Emergency,” but it can have any name.  This is also the place where you make further customizations to your call.  You can leave them at the default settings to start. Be sure to press the submit button at the end.




Once these are submitted, you will see that the devices have been modified to reflect that they can make an emergency call.  

To make an Emergency call, press the red Emergency tab for 3 seconds.

In order to end an emergency call, as an initiator or a receiver, you must hold down the cancel button on your screen for 3 seconds, then end the call.



For further assistance, please contact ESChat Support

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