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Silent Install of PC Dispatch Client
Posted by Nancy Rodgers on 04 April 2018 10:34 AM


Here are the instructions for the silent install of the ESChat PC Dispatch client.  This install is started from the command line in Windows and installs without the standard GUI (Graphical User Interface). It will not prompt for permissions.  The install defaults to the Program Files X86/ESChat/Dispatch directory and will create a desktop and start menu links automatically.


To begin the silent install :

  1. Download the current release version of the Dispatch from:

  2. Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory where the ESChatDispatchSetup.exe was saved.

  3. Begin the install by typing : ESChatDispatchSetup.exe /S.



Upon execution you will see a series of quick pop-up windows indicating the install is in progress.



After the final window, you will be returned to the command prompt at idle.



The install is now complete.  The Dispatch can be started from desktop icon or start menu as normal.


For further assistance, please contact Support





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