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Information Required for RoIP Gateway Installation
Posted by Nancy Rodgers on 04 April 2018 10:52 AM





ESChat offers the option of LMR/RoIP integration via a RoIP Gateway connected to a donor radio. Custom cabling may be required.  


For each channel of LMR to be integrated, the following information is required:

Customer Provides:

  •          External Static IP Address (Remote IP Address)
  •          Internal Static IP Address
  •          Outbound Gateway IP Address
  •          Netmask
  •          Donor Radio Make and Model (required for cable selection)


ESChat Provides:

  •          ESChat Server Static IP Address (Local IP Address)
  •          Local UDP Port Number
  •          Remote UDP Port Number


Customer is responsible for:

  •          Port-forwarding incoming UDP traffic received from [Local IP Address and Local UDP Port] to Internal Static IP Address.
  •          Ensuring outbound UDP traffic maintains Source Port as specified.


ESChat will ship RoIP Gateways pre-configured per customer provided information.


For further assistance, please contact ESChat Support


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