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ESChat Display for iOS
Posted by Nancy Rodgers on 05 April 2018 12:48 PM

ESChat is designed with tabs for each major function.  On the iPhone these tabs run across the top of the screen.  Click on the blue labels below for more information about each functional tab.  The tabs are:




The Contacts Tab:

  1. Displays an alphabetically sorted list of all the User’s contacts.

  2. Allows the User to add or edit these contacts.

  3. Displays an icon for sending text messages or images within ESChat.

  4. Displays an icon to show selected contact(s) on the map.

  5. Displays an icon to initiate an alert call to selected contact.

  6. Allows ad hoc 1:1 or Group Push to Talk (PTT) calls.

  7. Allows you to make a cell phone call to the contact, if the contact's cell number is recorded into the app.





The Groups Tab:

  1. Displays the user's personal groups and all other groups to which they belong.

  2. Allows the user to initiate a Group PTT call.

  3. Allows the user to add, delete, search and create groups.

  4. Displays an icon for sending text/image messages within ESChat.

  5. Displays an icon to see the selected group on the map.




The Messages tab:

  1. Displays messages sent To/From a User.

  2. Displays message status when the Collect Sent Message Status Feature Key is enabled in the portal.

  3. Displays the icon for replying to text messages or images within ESChat.




The Map tab:

  1. Displays contacts on the map.

  2. Allows you to make calls directly from the map view.

  3. Allows you to choose to view a Standard, Hybrid, or Satellite map view.




The Recents tab:

  1. Contains a list of all the PTT calls made to or from the User, sorted by date and time.

  2. Displays a button for sending text messages and images within ESChat.

  3. Displays a button to show selected contact(s) on the map.

  4. Contains a button to initiate an alert Call to selected contact.

  5. Allows PTT calls to be initiated by the User.




The More tab:

  1. Contains access to menu settings on the device.

  2. Has the ability to submit a support ticket.

  3. Allows you to see information on the: Username, Version, and Enterprise information associated with this device.

  4. Allows the user to sign out of ESChat when this Feature Key has been enabled


For further assistance, please contact ESChat Support.




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