Legacy Supported Java Versions: PC Dispatch Console
Posted by Joshua Schaad on 09 April 2018 01:53 PM

Dispatch client release after 2.10.2 b build 691 (released: 12/5/12018) use a self contained version of openJDK (Java Alternative) and are not subject to the following information.  The following information regarding Java version applied to all previous build releases and is inteaded as legacy support information.  ESChat supports the current release and 2 prior builds. 



It is our recommendation to first install the current PC Dispatch client version from the Eschat homepage, here.  For assistance in gathering the proper Java version for your operating system, please contact or call (844) 437-2428 extension 3.

The PC Dispatch client requires Java (JRE or JDK) 7.0.6 or newer to run.  The best practice is to download the current release version of java @

Here is a table of the Java versions that are currently supported by the ESChat Dispatch application.


Supported Java Versions:

Unsupported Java Versions:

7.0.6 - 8.0.92

8.0.93 - 8.0.172

8.0.181 - 8.0.191

9.0.1 - 9.0.4


11.0.1 - 11.0.2


From a practical standpoint this means users should update to the current dispatch version, 2.10.646, and follow the installation prompts to install the proper version of both the ESChat Dispatch and Java versions.

To check your current Java version, click on the Windows pane, type Java, and select About Java.  You may also check the version in use from the CMD prompt. Simply open the CMD window and type: java -version








We do not recommend allowing any auto updates to Java that may pop up and prompt you to update.  The update may install a version of Java that has not been tested with the Dispatch client and we cannot guarantee support. 

For further assistance, please contact ESChat Support

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