Installing ESChat on the Sonim XP5, XP5S and XP3
Posted by Nancy Rodgers on 22 June 2018 02:13 PM

In order to install a third party application on the XP5/XP5S/XP3, you will need to complete the following steps.


Step 1: Sign up for a Sonim Cloud account at  Each company needs only one account. You will then be sent an email with Login information.  A new password will be required upon the first Sign In.


Step 2: Gather the necessary mobile device information:

A. IMEI of the device

  1. Using the direction pad select the device menu, settings, and scroll to the bottom of the page.


  1. Select About phone, Status, and scroll down to IMEI.


B. Build Number

  1. Return to the About Phone tab, and scroll down to the Build Number.


Step 3: Sign into your Sonim Cloud Account, select the Device tab, and select Device Group.


Step 4: Select Add, and create a new device group.  This may be your company name or you may wish to indicate the device type.


Step 5: Select the Add Device tab, and supply the following: Desired device Name, IMEI, and the desired Device group.


Step 6: Switch to the App Updater tab, and select the Add new button.


Step 7: Supply the Application Name, Device Software Version, Device Model, Data Connection type, a future date that users must update by, whether to force a restart of the device after installation (default choice is no), desired installation message (default choice is silent upgrade), and the .apk file needed for installation.

Note: if you have groups of phones with different builds, separate the build numbers with commas (no spaces).  Be sure to have the numbers exactly right. When an error message is generated during this process, you must choose the proper apk file and update by settings again.  The latest version of the eschat apk can be found at:



Note: Do not select any of the Network Operator choices.


Step 8: From the App Updater tab, select the newly created application file and select the proper Device Group to link the new apk file to.


Step 9: Return to the mobile device and navigate to Settings/Sonim Scout/ App Updater.



Step 10:  Return to Applications, and select the ESChat Icon.  Then enter the Activation Code associated with this device using the touchpad.


ESChat is now ready for use.  After this initial sign in, ESChat may be opened by navigating to the Applications tab, or by pressing and releasing the Side Programmable Key.




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