Listen Only Users Icon Not Displayed on Device
Posted by Joshua Schaad on 27 June 2018 02:06 PM

The ESChat Android Client Version 22.0 (1422) has introduced the Listen Only setting as an option for group membership.  Once a device has been enabled as a Listen Only member, the membership icon should change from the green Available Icon, to either an available or unavailable Listen Only icon for that members group membership.

Listen Only Group Membership Icons

Full Member Available Icon

Listen Only Member Available Icon

Listen Only Member Unavailable Icon

Group Members below the 22.0 (1422) version of ESChat will not automatically display the new membership icons, even though the Listen Only setting will be enforced.  Please follow the steps outlined below to update the client device:


Step 1: Check the current device version of ESChat.  Select the ESChat submenu button, and then About.


The current version information will be displayed.


Step 2: Open the Play Store, and search for ESChat.



Step 3: Select the Update option, and then Open the application after this process completes.



Step 4: Sign out of the application, and then reactivate the User Login.  The group presence icons will now be displayed as the updated membership icons.






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