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First Steps in the Administration Portal
Posted by Joshua Schaad on 11 December 2018 10:12 AM

When you first login, you will have a view of your enterprise’s details.  Click on the tabs to move between different functional areas in the Administrative Web Portal.   An enterprise is made up of departments, and within each department you will be able to view and modify Users and Groups.  Each section has a “Show” quantity box with drop-down options (10, 25, 50, 100). Increasing the “Show” quantity makes it easier to view larger departments at one time.

There is a search box within each section which helps with very large enterprises where information will be on multiple pages (even when "Show" is set to maximum).  In this case the bottom right corner will contain the page navigation options.


You may also choose what information is displayed by selecting the Show/hide columns tab.


User Details Column Definitions

User Login:

Account name used to Login. This is also the default Contact name listed on ESChat devices.

Activation Code:

Ten digit activation code. (Password on iOS login)

Registration Status:

Options available: Never, Unregistered, Registered, Signed Out, Not Responding

Detected Client Type:

The mobile device OS detected. (Both type and version)

Client Software:

The version of ESChat on the device.


The level of priority given to this user for control of the conversation.

Billing Code:

Inactive, Support, Invoice, Credit Card, Special, Verizon BOBO, GSA, and Annual.

Phone Number:

Information shown is manually entered, not automatically detected.

Send Text:

Yes, No (Sends the activation message to the client device.)


Information is manually entered.  When send text is selected, an email will also be sent.

Last Name:

Information is manually entered, and may be set as the Contact Name listed on ESChat devices.

First Name:

Information is manually entered, and may be set as the Contact Name listed on ESChat devices.


When you initially login, verify that the Departments tab is selected.


  1. Click the line with your department name.  (Note: Customers with only one department will automatically be entered into that department.)

  1. Use the resulting tabs - Settings, Users, Groups, Templates, RTP Gateways, Map, Associations and Tracks to manage your Department and User details.

For further assistance, please contact ESChat Support.

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