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Android Client Activation
Posted by Joshua Schaad on 17 December 2018 10:16 AM

There are two ways to install the ESChat application on your Android device: Using the Activation Message or Manual Installation through the Play Store.


Activation Message: You may use this method if the device has access an email account, or if the device has: a valid phone number, SMS text message service, and a cellular carrier.  If the ESChat User account is configured with this information, then an activation message will be sent to the device with instructions to complete the activation of your account.  


Follow the procedure outlined below, to finish the installation process with just a few taps on the device.  Please ensure that you are using your LTE signal for this initial activation.


Step 1: Tap on the email or SMS message received from ESChat to open the activation link.


*Note: If you have more than one activation message, scroll to the latest message.


Step 2: Select Download ESChat.  This will open the Google Play site for the ESChat application download.  Select Install.


*Note: This does require an active Google Play Services account on the device.


Step 3: Return to the Activation message, and select the “Activate ESChat” link.



ESChat will complete the activation process.  Please accept/approve the Permission settings to ensure proper functionality of the application.




*Note: ESChat must have permission to use the microphone in order to send your response to other users.  This does not allow the application to use your mic upon the applications discretion


Manual Activation: You may also install the application manually in situations where you cannot receive SMS or email communication on the device.  Follow the procedure outlined below, to finish the Manual Installation Process.

Step 1: Open the Google Play store.  Search for ESChat, and select Install.



Step 2: Open the Application, and enter the Activation Code provided to you by ESChat.



ESChat will complete the activation process.  Please accept/approve any Permission settings prompts to ensure proper functionality of the application (permission level requests are determined by the OS version.)


For further assistance, please contact support.



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