General Troubleshooting
Posted by Pete Cabral on 11 February 2014 11:35 AM

The ESChat client on a wireless Android, iOS, or Ravine2 device depends on a wireless network data connection for communication.

Some issues, such as an unreachable client device or poor audio quality, may be caused by undesirable network conditions among other causes.

Here are some considerations to investigate when an issue occurs:

  • Wireless network operation:
    • What is the cellular coverage strength reported on the device? You can view the the antenna bars icon in the device status bar.
    • Is the device using 3G or 4G Cellular data service? You can view the 3G/4G data indicator in the device status bar.
    • Is the device Wifi turned on or off? Typically, the ESChat client on an Android, iOS, or Ravine2 device uses Cellular data service, while Wifi is disabled on the device. Other ESChat device deployments strictly use Wifi, with no Cellular data service.
    • Is a Play Store application install and operation supported on the device? For example, a Straight Talk pre-pay Android device does not allow this usage.
  • Usage context:
    • Does the issue occur in a specific geographic location? Such as specific roads, an area of buildings, etc.
    • Does the issue occur at certain times of day? Such as busy-hours when many devices are using the network.
    • Is the issue repeatable? Each attempt, sometimes, rarely, or once?
    • Do other ESChat client devices also experience the issue?
  • Device operation:
    • Can you navigate to a new web page using the Browser on the device?
    • Can you make a Cellular phone call on the device, if it has a Cellular phone number?
    • Is Airplane Mode enabled on the device, which disables wireless operation?
    • Is the device battery power level sufficient for normal operation?
    • For an Android device, does it meet the Android Install Preparation requirements here?
    • Is a headset being used?
  • User interaction:
    • How is the device held/mounted/positioned when you use it during a call? Such as the device's speaker(s) location for listening and microphone(s) location for talking. Are there any obstructions that could distort or muffle the audio, such as you hand, case, holder, clothing?
    • Is the speakerphone or earpiece speaker being used during a call?
    • Is a headset being used during a call?
  • ESChat client:
    • Is the most recent version of the ESChat device client installed? You can check the device's associated App Store for the latest client version.

For additional support, try the Troubleshooter here or contact the ESChat Team using the options here

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